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Excel Tire - Wheel Brands

Simply put, wheels are what make your car go round; and in today's market, there is a wide variety of wheels and rims to choose from. In fact, wheel rims have become an important car design element. At Excel Tire, our members can get you any wheel on the market-yes, even those sweet rims you saw last month while visiting your friend back East.

Not only can we custom order any wheel needed, we also have a large collection of inventory, in-store, at our locations throughout British Columbia. If needed, you're able to buy, and get your wheels installed, all in one afternoon.

Excel Tire Centres carries a full line of automotive wheels products from the very best manufacturers. We can set you up with winter steel rims to keep your expensive chrome or alloy wheels safe during the winter season. How about nice set of alloy rims … or replacement rims for your trailer, commercial truck, or any other rolling equipment you use.

Below is a brief description of our wheel-manufacturing partners. These brands are available on Excel Tire store shelves.

Wheel-1 logo


Wheel-1 is a manufacturer and distributor with over 40 years experience specializing in aftermarket automotive wheels and accessories.

With our brilliant design team creating the latest, most innovative and exciting designs, Wheel-1 proudly introduces 13 worldwide known privately designed wheel lines (Baccarat, Mazzi, Veloche, Ion Alloy, Ion Forged, Akita, DIP, Sacchi, Detroit, MPW, Ridler, Ion Bilt, Touren) as well as our complete line of wheel accessories known as Mr. Lugnut.

Wheel-1′s wheel lines include alloy wheels of all finishes (chrome, silver, black, machined, polished) with a large variety of sizes (14″ to 26″) to cover all consumer needs. In addition to production of over 1 million units of wheels for automotive vehicles annually, Wheel-1 also provides a wide variety of trailer wheels, truck wheels, and OE wheels to provide the largest selection of products to fit the needs of every customer.

CECO logo

CECO Wheels and Wheel Accessories

Ceco Distributors Ltd is an independently owned and operated Automotive Wheel and Wheel Accessories wholesale distributor, which has been in business for over 40 years. They specialize in original equipment new and take-off wheels as well as aftermarket wheel accessories.

TWG logo

The Wheel Group (TWG)

The Wheel group, commonly known as TWG, is one of the largest and most established wheel manufacturers in the world. They've been in business since 1968 and feature a full line of products for cars of all types-the wheel group makes rims for station wagons, sports cars and everything in between.

MHT Luxury Alloy Wheels logo

MHT Luxury Alloys

MHT offers an number of speciality lines of wheels and rims, some say these wheels are on the hottest looking cars and SUVs in North America. MHT employs an industry leading team of engineers, programmers, and machinists who stop at nothing to guarantee 360º of perfection.

The MHT line-up includes:

  • The Niche Line includes Touring, Sport, Racing, Competition and more.
  • The DUB line shows off form awesome colourful styles in spinners, skirts and multi piece - the bling of the wheel shows.
  • The Foose Line offers cast and forged wheels in one and two piece products.
  • Fuel Off-Road line of wheels means you can go big and still look great.
  • U.S. Mags are the classic mag wheels we all grew up with.

Remember, if one Excel store is out of stock, we can easily get your desired item shipped from a neighbour Excel location. Our network of shops means we can get the exact parts you need, quickly.

All Excel certified technicians are well-versed in wheel installation and maintenance-you'll never have to worry about your custom rims being ruined or dinged.

If you're the type of person who doesn't know a rim from a tire, don't worry! We'll make sure your car is sporting safe, reliable wheels. We also understand budgets, and we promise you'll never walk out of an Excel Tire Centre with more than required.